Can I prepare for the CS foundation in a month?


Company Secretary is a professional examination, although a detailed study is suggested if you wish to have a good strategy for the last month of CS foundation here are few tips you must follow.

So, Can I prepare for the CS foundation in a month? Well yes, you can.

To prepare for the CS foundation in a month :

(a). Focus on ICSI modules: Rather than studying from multiple materials it is always suggested to study from ICSI materials as questions are picked up directly from it.

(b).Highlight Important points: Out of the entire study text, you must be able to highlight the important areas, this will help you in revising the entire subjects multiple times.

(c).Practice MCQs: CS Foundation exams are MCQ based, hence a student must have an extensive practice of MCQs. You can also appear some subject wise and topic wise test of CS – Foundation; at “ “you can find some of the best test papers for your practice.

(d).Plan for multiple Revision: You can plan for at least 2 revisions before the exams, this will help you to retain what you have learned. Since exams are MCQ based hence learning the entire answers is not necessary but a quick go through shall be sufficient.

(e).Focus on theory: Since most of the subjects are theoretical, rather than practical it might be boring to read the theory portion, but making short notes and highlighting the important points can help you to gain a grip on theory.

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