Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


Our primary vision is to become India’s best commerce coaching institute by establishing an outstanding competitive atmosphere for learners. 

 We “LILHA EDUCATION CENTRE ” help students to achieve their academic objectives by providing innovative, best in class coaching through interactive technology and methodology and to formulate learning meaningful and joyful.

To lead, we aim to point on the

development of the nation by yearning young and creative minds of our nation. We assist students in accomplishing maximum development and success by delivering meaningful and approachable education and assist them to accomplish in their professional career.

To become officially the best commerce 

coaching institute in UP east, we concentrate on continual improving and remodelling our knowledge for the privilege of our students. Our organized approach, motivating achievement and positive thinking encourage us in achieving our targets. Our talented faculty act as a backbone to LILHA EDUCATION CENTRE and our students as the pillars.


Our mission is to deliver excellent education to every learner and to guarantee his or her victory. Lilha education centre intends to furnish a nurturing and encouraging atmosphere to influence the full ability of the students. Assigning students with all the understanding and direction that they require to become ethical professionals.

Our Mission is to compose knowledgeable, 

productive and prosperous professionals in the new corporate sectors.

We understand that the hard labour and endeavours of children need the right track to prosper into success news so We LILHA EDUCATION CENTRE devote ourselves to excellent schooling and boast of many faculty partners who are committed and enthusiastic to assemble faith and kindness between educators and learners and assure that the students accomplish what they appeared for.

The Goals and objectives of the

Lilha education centre

  • To circulate commerce education in this nation, i.e., the North East of India.
  • To enhance knowledge in commerce education through excellent teaching. 
  • To accomplish better results.
  • To develop the excellence of leadership, self-confidence, social sense self­disciplines, and human potentialities for a good citizen.
  • To give decent infrastructure installations for learners, educators, workers.
  • To accomplish to propose specialized programs in commerce.
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