How to crack CUET ? 

How to crack CUET ? 

CUET (UG and PG ) Exam 2022-2023 - Study Plan, Time Table ,Best Books

Understand the CUET Exam :

Every entrance exam is different. The first crucial step of CUET preparation is to understand the exam you are going to attempt before you hop on “how to prepare for CUET?”. This is true for CUET, as well. It will grant you a seat in one of the best Universities in the country; thus, it becomes imperative to understand the exam structure, Pattern, and Syllabus, along with the Universities participating in CUET.


Draw up a Timetable :

The CUET is an entrance exam for admissions to Undergraduate courses at the Central and many other Universities across the country, it is scheduled to be conducted twice a year (though the official confirmation is still awaited). No doubt, given the pressure & hype around the Class XII Boards and also the Pre-Boards, one’s focus will automatically shift towards the school curriculum, especially when the CUET exams are around the corner on both occasions.

Therefore, balancing your CUET preparation along with the Boards can be best aided by starting to prepare early for the exam. Create a plan where you can spend a fixed time every day. Even during the Board exams, have a plan so that you do not break the momentum and be able to balance both. Starting early will significantly reduce the extra pressure and help in planning a study plan in a more convenient and comfortable manner. Stick to the timetable and your routine and you will definitely make your way through the CUET, and perform well in your boards as well.



Did you know that athletes remain focused on practicing, even if there is no event or tournament around the corner? This is because they do not want to lose their touch & focus when the moment of truth arrives. The same is true for a student preparing for entrance exams like CUET. Working on the concepts and writing Mock Tests based on the exam pattern is a very essential step for CUET preparation. These will help you understand your strengths, and provide an idea about the weak areas which can be worked on and improved upon. The plus point here is that the syllabus for CUET and your Boards, both follow the NCERT syllabus. So, by preparing for one you get an advantage in both.


Important Tips for Revision :

If you are preparing for CUET 2023, the key tip is to revise all the important topics in a systematic manner. Here are some tips right from our experts:

  • Identify all the topics that you need to focus on.

  • Make a strategic plan to cover those topics.

  • Revise the topics of the subject that you find more difficult.

  • You can then go for Mock Papers. This will help you in managing your time.

  • Go through the previous year’s question paper, and find out the important topics/questions.

  • Try to understand the pattern of the paper.

  • Keep revising the topics which are your strength before the exam day. 

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