What Is CUCET Syllabus?

What Is CUCET Syllabus?

Before commencing preparation for the examination, aspirants should have detailed awareness about upcoming syllabus. Without remembering the syllabus practice will be further time absorbing but with less impact. So, aspirants should pursue the syllabus given by the admission administration before commencing their practice.

The Central Universities Common Entrance Test (CUCET) 2022 is a widespread entrance test for learners who are enthusiastic in pursuing admission to numerous undergraduate and postgraduate programs across India. As of forthwith, this CUCET will be wielded by different prominent universities. The enrollments for the examination will be carried on the official website, i.e., cucet.nta.nic.in. The examination will be administered by the National Testing Agency.



The CUCET Exam interpreted syllabus for the undergraduate program is conveyed below subject wise –


Part A


  1. Numerical Aptitude/Data Interpretation
  2. Analytical Skills
  3. Reasoning
  4. General Aptitude
  5. General Knowledge


Part B

Section 1 (Physics)

  1. Measurement
  2. Motion in one dimension
  3. Laws of Motion
  4. Motion in two dimensions
  5. Work, Power and Energy,
  6. Linear Momentum & collisions
  7. Process of a rigorous body about a steady axis,
  8. Gravitation
  9. Oscillatory motion Mechanics of solids and fluids
  10. heat and thermodynamics Wave
  11. Electrostatics
  12. Current Electricity,
  13. Magnetic Effect of Current
  14. Electromagnetic induction
  15. Ray Optics and optical instruments,
  16. Wave Optics
  17. Modern Physics

Section II (Chemistry)

  1. Atomic Structure,
  2. Chemical Bonding
  3. Redox Reactions,
  4. Equilibrium and Kinetics
  5. Acid-Base Concepts
  6. Electro chemistry
  7. Colloids,
  8. Colligative Properties of Solution,
  9. Periodic Table,
  10. Thermochemistry,
  11. General Organic Chemistry,
  12. Reaction intermediates,
  13. Isomerism,
  14. Polymers,
  15. Carbohydrates,
  16. Solid State,
  17. Petroleum

Section III (Mathematics)

  1. Algebra
  2. Probability
  3. Trigonometry
  4. CoordinateGeometry
  5. Calculus
  6. Vectors
  7. Dynamics
  8. Statics

Section IV (Biology)


  1. Origin of Life,
  2. Organic Evolution,
  3. Mechanism of Organic Evolution
  4. Human Genetics and Eugenics,
  5. Applied Biology,
  6. Mammalian Anatomy
  7. Animal Physiology


  1. Plant Cell,
  2. Protoplasm,
  3. Ecology,
  4. Ecosystem,
  5. Genetics
  6. Seeds in angiosperm plants, Fruits,
  7. Cell differentiation Plant Tissue,
  8. Anatomy of Root, stem and leaf,
  9. Important phyla,
  10. Soil,
  11. Photosynthesis,



CUCET 2022 will be a Computer-Based Test (CBT), generally pertained to as an online exam administered by National Testing Agency. The validity that more than 40 central universities will join in in CUCET 2022 gives rise to it a theme of the town. CUCET Syllabus is anticipated to be of 12th level and accommodate common questions.

CUCET 2022 is inclined to be a General Ability Test, with a priority on English Language, Numerical Ability, Logical and Analytical Reasoning, along with General knowledge and Current news.


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