How to prepare for IPCC exams during study leave?

CA final exam full course guideline.
CA final exam full course guideline.

How to prepare ipcc exams during study leave

How to prepare ipcc exams during study leave ?

Is this possible to crack Ipcc exam in 1 month?

How to crack CA ipcc exam ?

If you want to know the answer of the above questions you arrived at a totally accurate niche.

I love people. I enjoy encouraging them and helping them grow. In this article I will let you know some tips to crack CA Ipcc exam in first attempt.

Chartered Accountant is evaluated to be one of the hardest professional courses of the country and there is a very high and hard conflict for the students.

Every year, the volume of students proposing chartered accountancy has been boosting. But the passing probability of the students in this examination is relatively inadequate, thus making it difficult to crack.

IPCC or Intermediate is the second stage of the CA course after CPT assessment . Every student of Chartered Accountancy wants to crack the IPCC exam in one try.

But, approving IPCC in the first attempt is not as difficult as it is proposed to be. Many of the enterprising minds clear it in the opening chance and even get levels.

While others decline in the examination not because they haven’t studied good enough for the papers, but because the technique they have used was not accurate.

People make silly faults and those mistakes need to be resisted during IPCC exam practice.

IPCC contains 8 subjects, all subjective in essence with 100 marks each. You have to score at least 50% in aggregate to clear the inspection.

Tips to Pass IPCC Both Groups 1st – Coaching matter

Most of the students get frightened they should join coaching or they should go for self study ? I personally recommend you to join a good coaching for CA ipcc exam.

The study material they provide that worthy and the guidance they deliver helps students to crack IPCC exam.

2. No social media

Don’t wield too much social media like Facebook and most grandly don’t post anything on any social media since it takes out your focus from studies.

It is not necessary to vacate the internet entirely but you should use it only for your research purpose and not for social media and other things. According to an old announcing, All things clench some bad possession and some good possession, everything rides on us, that what do

we acquire and vacate. If you have good properties then you can rise contrarily you will fall. Thus, use internet for studying earlier exam papers of IPCC and related stuff.

3. Analysis Previous Study

Previously you start reviewing, evaluate the previous study and before going to sleep in the night, check out the next day list, what you want to perform. Whereby make sure that your study path is favorable. If you don’t do this, then during a study, you will get frightened and forget the previous chapters slowly. Thus, it is very important to revise the previous study for long time recollection.

4. Work on Your Own Notes

Heretofore you are in the final month, you have surely composed your CA IPCC Final Syllabus twice and thrice. Now it’s time to review on your Examination notes which you have composed or given by your coaching Organization. Last month is all about faring through all the topics as a resume. Try to evaluate more on the chapter of vast weightage.

5. Revise previous year papers

Students should refer implied answers of questions set in the last five/six examinations and Revision Test Papers. It is forcefully recommended to understand the questions first without referring to solutions and then correlating the answers with the solutions given. Such an approach would help in understanding the point of mistake and demonstration pattern of an answer. Do unsolved problems .If you are solving the example and as we all know example questions are solved below and while solving the illustration where a doubt will occur you will see the explanation ,which will not clear your concept ever. But if you are solving the unsolved questions than you will know how much you really know!! And where you stand and than you clear your suspicion to your coaching teacher.

Tips to solve sample paper

Whenever you are unravelling sample paper you should solve in the way as you do in exams. Set 3 hours and start unravelling the paper as you do you do in exams and after finalizing the paper give Mark’s to yourself .

6. Prepare a Time – Table

Before commencing your studies, you should have formulated a plan for at least a further
2 months or more whatever is evacuated for your exams. Entirely make a plan of what to accomplish, when to accomplish, how to accomplish. Until you don’t formulate a serious plan you cannot move your studies in the correct path.

First plan your books/ study material from which you are going to finalize your studies, afterward decide the topics going to finalize first. Plan a day in a week for the revision and vacate the last


month for exercising mock test and previous papers. Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How should a CA IPCC nominees start their preparations?

To prepare for CA IPCC exams candidates must make a study strategy, and try to wildly follow the study agenda. Aspirants should solve the CA IPCC sample papers and revision papers for the practice of the exams. And, candidates should stay strong and optimistic for the CA IPCC exams.

Q2. Can CA candidates prepare for CA IPCC exams in a month?

Yes, CA candidates can prepare for CA IPCC exams in a month but it is a hard job for the aspirants. They need to study for at least 12-15 hours in a day .

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