CUET is performed for entries to undergraduate programs for which the exam examines their ability and general reasoning in all phases. The nationwide level exam, performed to furnish admission to yearning nominees in India’s top Central Universities, is clasped contrarily for UG nominees.

To begin educating for CUET 2022, the nominee must be aware of the examination pattern.

To crack the entrance test, we will furnish an in-depth awareness of the CUET 2022 exam pattern.

CUET Exam Pattern 2022

The CUET is planned to be performed in online mode via the Computer Based Test procedure. It will be composed of 3 hours 15 minutes or 3 Hours 45 minutes relying on the alternatives assigned by the nominee.

CUET (UG) – 2022 delivers a bunch of Languages, Subjects, and General tests wrapping the maximum of the subjects and languages proposed by a maximum of the Universities.

The nominee has to select the test he/ she is compelled to occur in, as compelled for access to the desired program in the University.

CUET (UG) 2022 paper will comprise the following 4 Sections:

Section 1(A) –

•Languages There are thirteen (13) various languages. Any one of these languages may be selected.

• 40 problems to be undertaken out of 50 in each language.

• 45 Minutes for each language is allocated.

(((Languages (13): Malayalam, Bengali, Assamese, English

Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Gujarati

 Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu. )))

Section 1 (B) –

• Languages

 There are twenty(20) Languages. Any other vocabulary apart from those proposed in Section 1 (A) may be selected. (Still, a nominee may select an utmost of 3 languages stirring sections 1A and 1B seized together).

((( Languages (20): Spanish, Bodo, Tibetan, Nepali, Persian, Italian, Arabic, German, Sindhi, Konkani, Dogri, Maithili, Santhali, Sanskrit, Kashmiri, French, Manipuri, Japanese, Russian, Chinese)))


Domain-Specific Test

•This segment has 27 subjects, out of which you have to assign six professions that you hope to seek in your UG program.

•There would be 40 problems to be undertaken out of 50.

•The interval would be of 45 minutes for each language.

•Input script can be borrowed for objective-based problems.

•There will be opposing/negative markings in the current exam.

Note- Domain-specific subjects are mentioned below candidates may choose a maximum of 6 out of 27.

Section 3 –

•General exam for any such undergraduate programs being proposed by Universities where a General exam is being employedowed for entry. •60 Questions to be undertaken out of 75 

•Input script can be utilized for MCQ types Questions, *Current Affairs

*Numerical Ability

*General Mental Ability

*General Knowledge

* Quantitative Reasoning (Simple petition of fundamental mathematical notions geometry, mensuration , statistics arithmetic and algebra may asked ),

•Logical and Analytical Reasoning 60 Minutes

Domain-Specific Subjects

The schedule of 27 Domain-Specific topics as illustrated with the amended CUET Exam Pattern has been introduced below. The nominees may select a maximum of 6 Topics from the below-mentioned list.

  1. Accountancy/BookKeeping
  2. Biology/ Biological Studies/ Biotechnology/Biochemistry
  3. Business Studies
  4. Chemistry
  5. Computer Science/ Informatics Practices
  6. Economics/ Business Economics
  7. Engineering Graphics
  8. Entrepreneurship
  9. Geography/Geology
  10. History
  11. Home Science
  12. Knowledge Tradition and Practices of India
  13. Legal Studies
  14. Environmental Science
  15. Mathematics
  16. Physical Education/ NCC /Yoga
  17. Physics
  18. Political Science
  19. Psychology
  20. Sociology
  21. Teaching Aptitude
  22. Agriculture
  23. Mass Media/ Mass Communication
  24. Anthropology
  25. Fine Arts/ Visual Arts (Sculpture/ Painting)/Commercial Arts,
  26. Performing Arts – (i) Dance (Kathak/ Bharatnatyam/ Oddisi/ Kathakali/Kuchipudi/ Manipuri (ii) Drama- Theatre (iii) Music General (Hindustani/ Carnatic/ Rabindra Sangeet/ Percussion/



CUET 2022 Marking Scheme

There will be a negative marking in CUET 2022 exam. Each valid answer will allot 4 marks while every FALSE answer will lose 01 mark.

Problems left unattempted by nominees will not be evaluated .

**Frequently asked questions

What is the method of the exam?

CUET is CBT Based exam (Computer Based Test).

How will the admissions be given?

Admissions are regulated at the status of each of these Central Universities for their respective undertakings. Once the CUET outcomes are announced, the respective Central Universities will announce the counseling/admission list and value list established on the weightage of the CUET 2022 achievement and other norms of the participating institutes.

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