The Best Professional Courses After 12th Commerce

The Best Professional Courses After 12th Commerce

The Best Professional Courses After 12th Commerce

Are you glancing for the adequate programs after 12th commerce? You have entered on just the right porter! There are many programs that you can follow after completing your class 12th with commerce subjects. In this manuscript, we will furnish you with all the crucial information considering the top streams after commerce. So, collect all the input you need!

Students often faces lots of trouble in selecting their careers after their 12. Since this is a significant phase of life, pupils at vast get frightened with the choice of their livelihood and its possibilities. Not only learners, their parents too get frightened in this whole incident.

The fact is what you choose today will reproduce your future formation. However, don’t get frightened while choosing a suitable program from a bunch of professional courses after 12th commerce stream.

Its time to remove your frightened so here are Best Professional Courses After 12th Commerce –

1. Chartered Accountancy

A Chartered Accountant is the reasonable person to crave financial guidance. As per accountancy, associated jobs are apprehensive this is the most challenging, also rewarding livelihood option. A chartered accountant’s job contains taxation, auditing, and detailed financial planning.

Chartered Accountants are parts of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Generally they do confidential practice and in some cases, they work as a financial counselor of corporates. The ambitious it is quite large certainly when it comes to personal practice.

Pupils who want to be a CA in the fortune have to ready for the CPT exam. After clearing CPT you have to seem for IPCC group 1 and then group 2. Subsequently approving these exams one finally fulfills a certified CA. It takes 3 years to pass all 3 exams in a single try.

They have three stages: 1. CA Foundation
2. CA Intermediate
3. CA Final

After fulfillment of which they will be able to exercise with an accounting firm or in a corporation. Job Profile –
1. A CA can work on numerous Jobs such as –
2. Statutory Audit.

3. Internal Audit
4. Advisor in Direct or Indirect Taxation 5. Handling Transfer Pricing
6. Financial and Accounting Management

2. Company Secretary (CS):

This is another professional program that is selected by students after 12th commerce. This course is furnished by The Institute of Company Secretaries of India. A Company Secretary
is accountable for all the regulatory obedience of the company and acts as an in-house legal professional. After doing CS, you have a choice to practice unassisted or look in for a job in the corporate nation.

This is also a best choice for students pursuing Chartered Accountancy . A mixture of CA and CS is common choice among pupils to build a decent career.

The nominee needs to complete 3 part exam to evolve a CS. The preparation for the exam begins after +2 itself. The three portions are :

1 Foundational stage

2 Executive stage Graduates can rapidly pursue this program.

3 Professional stage : This can be followed after successfully clearing the Executive program.

The Job profile of CS

1 Foreign Collaborations and Joint Ventures

2 Legal, Secretarial and Corporate Governance

3 Project Planning

4 Capital Market and Investor Relations

5 Corporate Advisory Services

6 Corporate Restructuring Application analyst.

7 Applications developer.

8 CAD technician.
9 Cyber security analyst. 10 Data analyst.

3. Bachelor in Business Administration:

BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration can be followed after fulfillment of Class 12 Commerce. BBA is a three years degree course. Its an undergraduate program that helps formulate entrepreneurship skills of the candidates. BBA combines business related matters and generic strategy. Some BBA courses allow discipline in marketing, finance and HR management. BBA develop entrepreneurship.

Basic overture about the functions and system of a business is given to the learners. After BBA one can go for MBA in any of the specialisations that concern them. The speciality is, not restricted to-

International Business Operation
Information Technology Hospitality
Foreign Trade
Human Resources etc

4. Bachelors of Commerce (

B. Com is one of the most prominent 3-year undergraduate programs among the commerce stream learners.

B. Com mainly concentrates on the commercial actions of a business. It educates you about the hypotheses like Accounts, Financial concepts, and theories, communication chains, business laws etc. B. Com gives you knowledge about limited concepts compared to BBA. But B. com covers the knowledges in a more thorough way.

5. Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication (BJMC)
BJMC is a three-year undergraduate program . Some of the professions along with BJMC are:

Film & TV
Media Planning
Music & Sound Production
Journalism is not about evolving a TV anchor, photojournalist or working in publications.

There are numerous associated assignment roles pertained to the subject. Not certainly you have to be a journalist, you can also be a web content writer in any decent company as well. You can follow a Bachelor’s in Journalism & Mass Communication. Many universities offer this 3-yr degree course.

6. Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS):

Next undergraduate course formulated to prepare learners in the field of management. This is a 3 year course that delivers speculative and practical training which enables to inculcate leadership and managerial abilities. An adequate understanding of managerial practices and theories can guide you to investigate lots of vacancies in the business world.

It is the generous forum for the aspiring prospects who want to pursue MBA after graduation. BMS builds a base for MBA degree and therefore when you start with your MBA program, it helps you in easy and better understanding of the themes.

You get to understand and add differed knowledge in the field of management, human resources, organisational theories, research methodology etc. The need for skilled managerial professionals has seen a boosting movement. So, having the requisite grade from a decent institutions can assist you to become successful in the corporate nation.

We have focused only on finance, accountancy, taxation, law ,management and related programs in this post. There are numerous other courses that a commerce student can choose as per his intentions, interests and aptitude.

Some extra courses are – Students are also interested in: Wildlife photography
Fashion designing

Hotel management
Digital Marketing Course Photography Courses: Bachelor of Architecture course

For more information contact Varanasi no. 1 commerce class – LILHA EDUCATION CENTRE

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