Can I do CA with

Can I do CA with B.Com?

CA final exam full course guideline.

Can I do CA and B.Com ?together? The benefit of CA with B.Com ?
Most asked question by CA aspirants.

In today’s article I will answer the most asked question my CA aspirants, Can CA nominee do while preparing for CA?

So, before answering the question let us comprehend and CA and Job profile after doing CA and

Lets, begin –


CA sits for Chartered Accountants.

A chartered accountant (CA) is an international accounting designation assented to accounting professionals in India.

Chartered Accountants are the vastest returning professionals in India in the non-technical field. It is evaluated as one of the glossiest livelihood opportunities for those seeking reliefs in the commerce tracts. The CA certification comprises of pedagogy and exams in the region of business, tax, and analysis.

Chartered Accountancy proficients are compelled across various industry organisations in India be it private organisations or civil organisations. A lawful CA is leased to deal with the account occurrences, tax authorizations, and investments of an organisation. CA also assists in unravelling disputes and resisting insolvency.

Job Profile –

A CA can labor on the considerable Job Profiles such as –

1. Statutory Audit.
2. Internal Audit
3. Advisor in Direct or Indirect Taxation 4. Handling Transfer Pricing
5. Financial and Accounting Management


BCom or Bachelor of Commerce is a three-year undergraduate program in regular as well
as distance schooling manner. BCom is the second most popular undergraduate course in the Commerce department. Under BCom, there are three most prominent programs, namely BCom or BCom-General, BCom (Honours) and BCom LLB. The BCom or BCom-General is also pertained to as BCom-Pass by many universities.

In the BCom program, nominees have educated core topics related to commerce and finance. In the three-year period, the aspirants are given alternatives to choose from a few elective topics too. The programme is usually circulate over six semesters during which the learner is taught subjects like financial accounting, corporate tax, economics, company law, auditing, business management, etc

Job profile after

1. Tax Consultant
2. Auditor
3. Stock Broker
4. Export-Import Manager
5. Accountant
6. Finance Consultant
7. Banker

After comprehensive detail about CA and lets know the answer of most asked question by CA aspirants .

Should I Pursue CA After B.Com or Along With B.Com?

Initially, if you were not conscious of this rule then let us notify you that you can do CA and B.Com concurrently furnished, you are eligible for both the course individually. Secondly, whether seeking both programmes simultaneously is a decent alternative or not, is a matter of your intention. Many students indicate that one should follow CA along with B.Com but, it is not an easy task. Although the subjects comprised in the first and second year of B.Com syllabus are virtually similar to the CA Foundation course, the complication level of the themes in CA is much elevated. But, if you are an affectionate and diligent student then governing both the courses would not be very hard for you.

You can do both Ca and B.Com concurrently If you finalized your 12th so,you are eligible for CA course as well as

Benefits of doing C.A. along with B.Com.

1. You can quickly register for IPCC if you score 50% or more in B.Com.
2. You can start practice of IPCC during B.Com itself. There are many quantities broad
in B.Com. course and IPCC.
3. If due to some purpose you wish to quit CA and switch to some other livelihood alternative

Then as a graduate you will have considerable employment alternatives to be obtained.

The time taken for fulfillment of the course may vary by some months or year but C.A. through B.Com.

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