Top 5 career options for average students after 12th

Top 5 career options for average students after 12th, Did you also score lesser marks in your 12’th? And get frightened about your future?

Don’t bother as it is not the end of your livelihood.

Students are drawn speculating about their fortune particularly those who have scored fewer marks but don’t be confused and tightened anymore as I have a better career alternative for you. It is for all the students belonging to numerous streams but you have to assign your career keeping in view your own ability and interest.

I love people. I enjoy encouraging them and helping them grow. Hello, guys in this article I will tell you some of the valid career choices which you can opt for, even if you’ve achieved fewer marks in 12th board exams. They are the prosperous career possibilities of the recent times and do not stay behind if we talk about the wealth, prestige, abilities and enjoyment one craving to accomplish.

So lets begin-
1. Fashion and Lifestyle

As you all know that economy of every country grows year by year and people are pleasing modernization and boosting their lifestyle and glimpsing this trend, the fashion designer has occurred as the hottest career option. Every next soul on the earth wishes to wear fashionable clothes and layout by a good designer and after seeing this movement a great opportunity is peeking for everyone to be a fashion designer.

Many Indian women are inaugurating their own boutiques to proceed their designing career motives and organizing a difference by making us a bit more stylish and making our residences a bit more impressive.

The percentage of fashion technology is not only prohibited to garments. It encircles numerous other traits such as footwear , jewellery, fixtures, etc.

Being one of the most trending career alternatives, it is all about creativeness, attitude, and ingenuity. The orientation to the fashion business business lays the crucial forum that allowis you to fit into the roles of customers, category managers, retail operation administrators .

2. Career In Photography

These days, Photography is fast appearing as a prominent career choice among all the generation committees. An increasing enthusiasm amongst the community towards photography, skilled photographers are in huge demand.

A photographer must be prepared to formulate a good identity of any subject.

It arises with various impressive alternatives such as Wedding Photographer, Wildlife Photographer, and Fashion Photographer. One can select for a Certificate, Diploma or may be a Degree course proposed by several universities and academies.

The decent part about most photography courses is that usually there are no educational requirements for them and you can work as a freelance in photography.

Freelance photographers are hired on-demand, which is a delightful bonus for those who choose to make their own plan or to work on a mixture of programs. Freelancers do numerous of the same jobs as personnel photographers, without the advantage of a constant earnings. Some freelancers specialize in areas such as portrayals, aerial photography by aircraft, marriages or trend.

Eligibility to fit Photographer
The students must pass Class 12 from a any board with a minimum of 40-45% of marks.

Prospects can enter into UG programs, diploma courses in Photography irrespective of their cascade in Class 12.

Beginners who wish to take up photography courses must keep a professional camera.

3. Blogging

Blogging is a joy and the favourite thing about it is that it can be turned into a lucrative profession. It gives the autonomy to share your fascination with the nation.

Blogging is a very stimulating carrier among all because it is only encountering your knowledge, your knowledge by writing on a blog. There are lots of vacancies there is various kind of blogging

like trip blogging, glamour blogging, residence decoration blogging recipe blogging, you can share your any knowledge through blogging.

The most fascinating things in blogging is you will explore your career in your favourite area, you will never feel like a job and you will be very grateful and you can work as you want, you will be your own Boss.

4. Air Hostess

This career alternative is something different and very interesting for everyone.

And the best thing about this it doesn’t require to be topper in your boards.

Life is always different when you work as cabin squadron. … Air Hostess is also recognized as the flight assistant, cabin crew, or cabin deputy. It is a very secure career, and decent for life in the significance that you work as an Airhostess till your 40s, and accordingly you may choose for a floor hostess.

Eligibility to become Air Hostess

Nominees must have passed class 12th or synonymous examination with a least of 45%. The minimum pass probability varies from university to university.

Age Limit: Nominees between the age group of 18-26 years can just apply.

5. Event management

Event management is one of the vastly rewarding and exciting livelihood alternatives. It is primarily deemed as a program that is related to commerce. However, there are no limitations as such that the nomination has to come from Commerce only, nominees from Science and Arts pour apply as well.

Event management is rapidly tangling as an active career alternative owing to the improving direction in retail and commerce sector.

Event Management is nearly organising a particular event for a target audience. It encompasses visualising notions and planning, finance, arrangement and committing events such as fashion concerts, musical shows, corporate meetings, ceremonies, marriage celebrations, theme celebrations, product takeoffs, among others. This career does not impose much investment and gives a huge canvas for efficient manifestation.

Now, there are several explanations of why event management can be a tremendous nomination of career. It is an efficient program, and skillsets that the strategy requires is supervision skills. Therefore, it is also essential that you find a credible institute for exhibition management that will help you in developing these required skills.

1) Great Communication Skills. …
2) Being an individual Person and Team Player
3) Willingness, Flexibility and a Optimistic Attitude. … 4) Highly Organised and Efficient. …
5) Budgeting Capability. …
6) Determination to Succeed, Stamina to Work


Recall, marks do play a crucial role in determining your career route, but they are not the perfect parameters to rule on your talent and abilities. Don’t be frustrated if you score low marks in 12th; this world is full of alternatives.

Society’s anxiety, pressure, oblivion and may be the declination to study can be some of the justifications behind your low achievements. While sometimes it may be just because of the options you made, like choosing a awry stream and the cut-short technique you opted to attain more with limited actions.

Whatever may be the reason for your bad count in the 12th board exams, Don’t bother as it is not the end of your livelihood.

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