Strategy to revise CA final course in one month

Strategy to revise CA final course in one month?

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If you are reading this blog then I am sure you are facing this problem but don’t need to worry, in this article Below we are going to talk over the CA Final Preparation recommendations which will assist you to crack the CA Final Examination Nov 2020 Examination in One Month & Strategy to revise CA final course in one month.

Strategy to revise CA final course in one month which will build confidence in you all.

So, lets begin –

Chartered Accountants are the enormous paying professionals in India in the non-technical field. It is considered as one of the glossiest profession choices for those pursuing assistance in the commerce sectors. The CA certification comprises of education and exams in the sector of business, tax, and analysis.

CA is one of the prestigious and difficult courses in India. All we all know is that the course is divided into 3 different stages: CA Foundation, CA Intermediate and CA Final. CA Final is the final gateway of becoming a professional Chartered Accountant in India. To make your preparation easy below we are going to discuss the CA Final Examination preparation to score well in your upcoming CA Final Examination.

HERE are some strategies to clear the CA final exam easily – 1. Stuff for Practice
ICAI Practice Manuals.
RTP’s issued by ICAI.

Mock Test Papers by ICAI.
Test Sequel executed by Private Institutes.
It is very significant you Practice in exam situations. 2. Work on Your Own Notes

Since you are in the final month, you have surely formulated your CA Final Syllabus twice and thrice. Now it’s time to practice on your CA Final Examination notes which you have formulated or given by your coaching Organization. Last month is all about getting on through all the topics as an overview. Try to concentrate more on the chapter of huge weightage.

3. Practice with Mock test Papers

Mock test papers and sample test papers always have been initial choices for the students who want to achieve good marks in their CA final Examination. Revision test papers give you dignity and help you to analyze your achievement before the examination.

4. Dont mug up, try to understand the topics

And the most crucial thing is always try to comprehend the topics and clear all your suspicions rather than mugging. Largely learners try to mug the chapters/ question which is erroneous . While mugging you will believe that you had learned everything but while composing in exams your learned topics will be swipe out. So in Chartered accountantnt you should not mug try to understand the concepts.

In order to clear CA inter exams, candidates should have a thorough awareness of all the concepts of syllabus. Mugging up is not a decent choice as unraveling intermediate exams require practical and figuring skills developed from the comprehensive study of all the subjects, not from mugging up.

In addition to this, readying point-wise memos in their own language is also a better method to obtain while studying. It gives a better awareness of topics and helps in sharp revision days before the examination

5. Important topics to focus on SFM :

Make a formula catalog for SFM and make confident to revise at least once or twice a week irrespective of the issue that you are draping.

Law :

Make a book of vital section numbers and glue it to the wall. Quoting category numbers do matter in Final CA because it may count up your chance of earning an extra mark or a half that can have an influence on your results.

Direct Taxes – I am giving rise to a separate point for this paper as this is the hardest paper and has the most huge syallabus. We used to say that there are 3 groups in CA final – Group 1, Group 2 and Direct Tax . DT in itself is a group. But I am going to indicate something which awfully rare people will advice you to do. But belief me, it is belonging to be the best advice I am giving you.

Read all the issues from beginning till the conclusion. Underline, Make your own notes at the foot of each topic. And finalize the edition TWICE. I know I might not be seeming very persuading for this, but trust me, this will assist. Read the book formerly and you ll get dandy disturbed. Read it twice and you will become a tax specialist.

6. Solve more and more sample papers- As we remember that the strategy makes you perfect. Interpret more and more sample test and revision test sheets which will assist you to analyze your achievement and help in achieving promising marks.

7. Struggle on presentation Skills

One of the personalities of being a chartered Accountant is demonstration of your accounts. It is crucial that you must act on your presentation abilities. These least advantages will enable you to outperform in the assessment than others.

8. Time is everything

As we all know that time teases a significant position in the CA final. Vastly students are not prepared to finalize their CA Final examination due to time issue. Finishing CA Final paper peace and minimum errors is not feasible for everyone. Specializing on your time managing is a criteria you should maintain your priority on while Educating for CA Final Examination in one month.

9. CA coaching classes
Most of the students get confused they should join coaching or they should go for self-study?

I am of the belief that it is not practical to clear CA final in today ‘s time without coaching classes. However, you have to keep in mind that carrying coaching classes of all 8 papers will never assist you. Infact, this is one of the enormous errors you can create. I speculate one should take coaching courses merely for practical papers like Financial reporting, SFM, Costing, etc. But there is totally no perception in carrying classes of papers like Law, Auditing, ISCA, etc. You have to understand them on your own. An educator can assist you in liberating the theories, which is expected in practical papers.

And if you are confused which coaching institution is best for CA then I will suggest you to just go through the website

Varanasi no. 1 institution for CA preparation.


The early you start your CA Final preparation the faster it will help you in finalizing the entire syllabus.

While educating for the CA Final Examination it is essential that the student must moreover focus on their mental health and nourishment.

Students must moreover concentrated on their Sleep habit, you should at least seize 7 hours of nap to resist yourself effective.

Question to be answered!
How many hours should be committed for studying?
Ideally, around 12-14 hours during the practice break should be planned.

Should we memorize contents like audit, law and ISCA?

The fair should be to read these topics so many junctures that you automatically recall the topic. In case of problem, you should at least recall the key phrases or the chief points.

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